Testing for Pease feels that engaging our leaders here in New Hampshire is an important way to protect and maintain healthy, quality water sources for our families.  There are several New Hampshire communities that are facing water quality issues, many with emerging contaminants similar to those found at Pease that threaten our health and environment.  Due to the rise in water quality issues here on the Seacoast and southern NH, we have connected with residents in surrounding towns to combine our efforts in campaigning for better regulations and guidelines here in this beautiful part of New England.  

This has led to building many relationships with others that share similar goals.  Led by NH State Representative Mindi Messmer and Representative Renny Cushing, Testing for Pease has recently collaborated with residents in Greenland, North Hampton, Rye, Stratham, Portsmouth, New Castle and Merrimack to raise awareness about the environmental issues and challenges that our communities are facing. We quickly realized that we are all passionate, committed citizens and together we can join forces to make a large impact on bringing awareness to the health and environmental issues that impact our drinking water.  With that common objective in mind, we all formed the New Hampshire Safe Water Alliance (NHSWA).  

The New Hampshire Safe Water Alliance is dedicated to advocating for clean and safe drinking water on behalf of the residents of the beautiful State of NH.  Please visit our Facebook page and read about our mission

Legislative action is a very important component in safeguarding our water sources. Representative Messmer has introduced and co-sponsored several bills in New Hampshire that are geared towards bringing policy that will not only protect our drinking water, but will also protect our most vulnerable population – children.  

We hope that you will join our efforts and other members of NHSWA in supporting Representative Messmer's legislation. Together we can make a difference!

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